I have equity more than $25,000 and I am flagged as a PDT, how can I get more day-trading buying power(DTBP)?

1.Pay attention to your DTBP limit at the start of the day, and reasonably use the remaining DTBP during trading hours. At the same time, pay attention to your maintenance margin excess before the close of the market.

2.Make a better plan if you want to get more day-trading buying power, holding positions overnight will reduce your tomorrow's DTBP. At the same time, depositing cash can increase your future's DTBP.

3.When you have an unmet and not past-due day-trading margin call(DT Call), you will get less DTBP, and you will have five business days to deposit funds to meet the DT Call to get more DTBP. If your DT Call past due, you will not be allowed to initiate any new positions for 90 days until the DT call is met.

> Note: All PDTs(pattern-day-traders) need to pay attention to his/her remaining DTBP(If the customer placed trades that exceed his/her DTBP and closed the positions at the same day, the customer will receive a DT call). Customers not marked as a PDT will not receive any DT calls. If a customer was erroneously flagged as a PDT, the customer can apply for removing his/her PDT flag. Please refer to:https://fastsupport.fututrade.com/en-us/topic145