Deposit via Wire Transfer

You can deposit to your Futu Account via WireTransfer. You can initiate the transaction from the online banking or mobile app of your bank.

Important Notice of Transfer

● Only a transfer from your own individual bank account can be accepted. Please do not transfer from a joint bank account.

● Do remember to put your name and Moomoo ID/FUTU BULL ID into the payment detail while you fill the transfer form.

When Your Transfer is Returned

● If the funds has been transferred from a bank account that is not eligible, the funds will be returned.

● It might take 1 or 2 weeks for the funds to hit your bank account. The time depends on the processing time of the banks. If the funds can not be returned by the bank, we will try to reach out to you.

● Fees will be applied if there is a return of funds.

Wire Transfer Fees

● For a domestic transfer, a fee of $10 is charged by the receiving institution, while the fee of the sending institution varies.

● For an international transfer, a fee of $10 is charged by the receiving institution, while the fees of sending institution and intermediary bank vary.

● The fees charged by different banks vary. Please include the fees in your total transfer amount when you initiate a transfer.

● The estimated total fees would be USD $30-$50 for a domestic transfer and USD $50-$70 for an international transfer. The estimation is for reference only. Please refer to your actual cost during transactions. 

Get Ready for the Transfer

1. Click [ Trade - Securities Account - Deposit] on the app.

2. Select Deposit via Wire

3. Get the receiving bank information