Instant buying power

Securities Available to Trade

Due to the principle of the risk management of Futu Inc. Instant buying power is available to trade U.S. stocks, participate in U.S. IPOs.


To open position with instant buying power is interest-free.

If you are in a margin loan status while you get the instant buying power, the same amount as the instant buying power will be regarded as an interest-free loan which will be deducted from your total margin loan value counted for interest.

Up-limit Per Client

Everyone has access to no more than $1,000 instant buying power in total. Your limit of instant buying power can be increased to $10,000 if you have adequate net asset value in your account.

Valid Time

Instant buying power will be cleared once your deposit settles, or 7 days after the instant power was granted.


If the deposit is rejected by the bank while you are in use of the instant buying power. There will be a default record on your page, which will restrict the future instant buying power that may be granted.