Transfer Stocks to Futu Inc. (U.S. Stocks)

Step 1: Go to Brokerage Account and Click 'Transfer Stock In'

Step 2: Choose Your Broker and Fill the Form

1. Choose your carrying broker
2. Enter your account number under the carrying broker
3. Enter the number of shares you would like to transfer

** Only stocks transferred from the same person as Futu account holder will be accepted.
** Futu Inc. is only eligible for DTC Account Transfer.
** It is not available to transfer from Robinhood, but you can still sell the stocks and move money to Futu Inc.
** If you can't find the brokers in the list, please refer to the instructions at the end of this article.

Step 3: Send the Application Form to Carrying Broker

Futu Inc. will send an Email to you with your application form attached.

1. Go to your email box and download the form.
2. Send the form to the carrying broker to initiate your request.

** ETA: Normally it takes about 2 or 3 weeks
** Fees: Futu Inc. won't charge any fees

Instruction of Transferring from Other Brokers

Please fill the form and send it to Futu Inc at,as well as your carrying broker.



Carrying Broker

Carrying Broker DTC Number

Carrying Broker Account Number

Carrying Broker Contact

Carrying Broker Account Name

Your name

Receiving Broker

Interactive Brokers LLC

ReceivingBroker DTC Number


Receiving Broker Account Number


Receiving Broker Account Name

FUTU INC (Beneficiary: Your name)

Your Futu ID (NNID/MoomooID)

Stock Symbols


Example: AAPL


How to transfer Hong Kong Stocks to Futu Inc.

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